Freezing to Make an Impact

When it comes to building relationships with young people during our trips to Czech, there’s not a lot I won’t do.

I’ve danced to N’Sync’s Bye, Bye, Bye in front of 70+ people.
I’ve been egged so many times that the mere sight of an egg makes me anxious.
I’ve donned a pink wig and shook my booty in front of an entire camp.
I’ve played basketball, soccer, and baseball.
I’ve been thrown into a pool with my clothes on. Multiple times.
I’ve ran uphill in grass up to my waist at 10:30 at night.
I’ve eaten the nastiest, smelliest, most gut wrenching cheese available.
I’ve prayed for people until my voice gave out.

This year was no different.

During one of my sessions at Kristfest, my translator and I came up with a great translator-bonding time activity.

We’d dunk ourselves in the freezing cold river at the edge of the camp.
I mean, why wouldn’t we?!

But we didn’t stop there. Our goal was to get more people involved.

So a few days later, we did it again.

Dunking ourselves, in cold water, just for fun.

It may seem trivial. It may seem like a waste. It may seem like a missed opportunity to have deep, life-changing conversations.

But in reality, it was an opportunity to show these young people that I care — even about the trivial, crazy, silly fun stuff.

I don’t know what next year’s trip will bring — what crazy activity I’ll find myself thrown into. But I know this, if it helps build a relationship with just one young person, I’ll do it.

No questions asked.