Blessing Behind the Fear

Fear. It’s been an attractive factor of our trip this year.

Every night during our time of outreaches, we’ve put various young people through a number of competitions in fear factor-ish style.

And it’s been great.

Of all the events we’ve done – be it workshops, community dinners, speed dating, and even our showcase – the fear factor events we planned were the most attractive.

Young people kept asking when they could compete. The little kids kept asking when they could watch.

These fear factor events have been the biggest hit in our 6 years of bringing teams to do outreaches in this community.

We made them fight it out gladiator style.

We had them knock over bottles with a ball tied to their waist.

We had them play egg roulette – and hope they didn’t get a raw egg.

We ended the competitions by having them eat some pretty nasty…food.

Out of it all, two lucky contestants won an iPod Nano.

Facing their fears paid off. A great blessing was hiding behind these events designed to bring out fear.

The same is true in our own lives. Our greatest blessing, our greatest life change, often is found behind our greatest fear.

God is doing some amazing things here in Czech – giving us the opportunity to meet, build relationship, and pray with a number of young people we never would have met without these events.

And lives are, and will be, forever changed.