Czech Trip Update 2: Confirming the Promise

The past few days in Czech, we’ve had a lot of ups and downs.

We planned some great afternoon workshops, only to have a small number of youth show up.
We were playing basketball this evening, only to have it rain for 10 minutes.
We dealt with some uncomfortable heat and no air conditioning.
This afternoon, there wasn’t even a single person in the Svibice neighborhood to talk to.
We’ve dealt with sickness, tiredness and some sunburn.

And yet, God has showed up and showed off.

We have developed closer relationships with the youth group members.
We handed out homemade cupcakes in the neighborhood tonight, and sparked conversations with a good number of people.
We played basketball with some of the same kids both nights, and have one who is seriously considering coming to our retreat.
We have spoken into the lives of others, and had them speak into our lives.
We are making a difference, and have seen the attitude of people change.

God is moving in our midst.
And He reminded us of His presence by placing a double rainbow in the sky.

He remembers his covenant forever, the promise he made, for a thousand generations,” – Psalm 105:8

God made us a number of promises concerning this trip. He put visions and dreams in our hearts of what He wanted to do. He challenged us, pushed us and encouraged us to dream bigger.

And He will fulfill every single one.

We serve a God who keeps His promises.
We follow the One who stays true to His word.

It doesn’t matter if the circumstances say otherwise.
It doesn’t matter if no one shows up for some outreaches.
His promises aren’t affected if it rains, we get tired or very few people are in the neighborhood.

God will show up.
He HAS shown up.
And He will show off.

God always confirms and fulfills the promises He gives His people.

Tonight, He used a double rainbow in the sky over Cesky Tesin and the Svibice neighborhood to remind me that His promises always stand true.

He will impact the lives of others on this trip.
We will see young people ignited with a greater passion.
We will get to see people coming to Him.

He will use this trip as a launching ground for a ministry that is bigger, more powerful and longer lasting within this country.
And, for some reason, we get to be a part of it.

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