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We ignite youth, young adults, and university students to passionately pursue Christ and transform their world. By empowering student leaders and the local church to launch and lead effective ministries at the college campus, we are changing the world.


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Our Stories

After just one year of being at Ignite, and I’m devoting my life to ministry.

Zac BrandMonmouth College Class of 2015Read Zac’s Story

Ignite has helped me grow closer to Christ in the last four years by teaching me the word of God to become the Christian that he requires me to be.

Sha’Keylia RobinsonMonmouth College Class of 2014Read Sha’Keylia’s Story

Through their spiritual ministry, I believe I wasn’t just encouraged, but also healed.

Bogdan CiencialaCesky Tesin, Czech RepublicRead Bogdan’s Story

I could say Ignite is a lot of things, but mostly it’s a family.

Jill TurleyMonmouth College Class of 2016Read Jill’s Story

Jason looked at me and told me to stop always looking around, comparing myself to others, worrying about public opinion. Instead, he told me to be cool for Christ, because He loved me and wanted me to follow Him.

David DrabLiberec, Czech RepublicRead David’s Story

God used Ignite and the all the people in the group to help me grow and blossom into the person that I am today.

Dan AsbellMonmouth College Class of 2013Read Dan’s Story

It’s a rejuvenating experience to come and experience God so much. It’s kind of a recalibration of your faith to get back on track with God.

Andrea EngleCarl Sandburg College Class of 2012Read Andrea’s Story

God told me that I am important, that my ideas matter, my words matter, and I matter.

Lexis TurnerMonmouth College

Without God’s direction through Ignite and within my college experience, I would not be where I am today.

Ryan KerrMonmouth College Class of 2014Read Ryan’s Story

I came into the week very burnt out. This was really the thing I needed to re-energize and finish the year strong.

Eric VogelKnox College

I heard that I was losing precious time because I was putting my wants ahead of God’s will. It’s stamped. I’m done! I’m obeying now. And God will be my helper.

Cyril Hansen-QuarteyMonmouth College Class of 2018

As a youth group we were challenged to take some concrete steps to how to do our youth groups differently and maybe more effectively in order to shape and impact more kids who live all around us.

Adam HlavkaCesky Tesin, Czech RepublicRead Adam’s Story

I felt God was telling me not to worry about the stuff I don’t have because He will provide – and that I should be grateful for what I already have.

Roberto DavilaKnox College

Before this retreat, I was so insecure with sharing with others what all God has done in my life. Never had I told my testimony so many times and with so much passion. Ignite has taught me that it is not all about me, it’s everyone around me. I will make a difference because I am MARKED by God.

Rosie SchumacherIllinois Central College

For college students, especially Christians attending a non-Christian college, it’s really hard to keep my faith. We often are discouraged by non-Christians, or stressful college life. But for this retreat, I could really encounter God, recheck the path I was walking, and get encouraged by fellow Christians.

Quinn LeeKnox College