Meet the Czech 2013 Mission Team

In just under two weeks, our 2013 Czech Mission Team will board a plane and begin their journey to Český Těšín – a city in the Eastern region of Czech.

We have a smaller team going this year – only 3 members – but a team that is comprised of seasoned leaders, both in Ignite and in other youth and young adult ministries.


Jason Vana

Team Leader

Jason Vana is the President and Visionary Leader of Ignite Student Ministries. He is passionate about empowering youth, young adults and university students to impact their world for Christ. This is Jason’s ninth trip to the Czech Republic since 2006. He has been involved in a church planting project in the Silesian and Moravian regions of Czech, and has worked extensively with the youth group of Krestanske Centrum church, helping to organize outreaches and leading youth retreats. Aside from all this ministry stuff, Jason has a passion for marketing, reading, hiking, loves to travel and writes regularly at his blog.


Ian Smith

Team Member

Ian Smith is 23 years old and lives in Galesburg, Illinois. He is a Board member and Monmouth College Leadership Coach for Ignite Student Ministries. Before he joined the Ignite Board, Ian served as a Student Leader for two and a half years. He graduated from Monmouth College in 2012 and began his Seminary education at Lincoln Christian University in the fall of 2013. He has preached at The Oaks Community Church in Dahinda, Illinois, Victoria United Methodist Church in Victoria, Illinois, The Rescue Mission in Galesburg, Illinois, and at various Ignite events.


Katie Rose

Team Member

Katie Rose, 23, is a tour planner for a local company in Peoria, IL. From leading a small group to planning food fights, Katie has been involved in student ministries for the past 6 years, and has loved every moment of it. She snaps to it, crackles with laughter, and pops with ideas so there are smiles and fun for everyone.
This team has spent months raising $9,000 in support, planning outreaches, preparing KristFest sessions, going through devotions as a team, and more.