9 Ways God Can Impact You on a Retreat

Christian retreats. If you’re involved in an Ignite group on your campus, you’ve likely been invited to attend a retreat.

Between classes, school work, and holding down a job, it can seem impossible to carve out time to attend a weekend retreat — especially if you’ve never been on before.

Retreats are an essential part of developing your faith, and a time when you can encounter God in a new and fresh way.

A God-Encounter

Below are just 9 ways God will encounter and change you during a retreat:

1. Reduce Stress

Retreats are a calm time away and can often help you breathe and unwind. They say that time outside in nature is good for your soul and can remedy stress — especially the stress of homework, projects, and exams.

2. Slow Down and Reflect

We’re always so caught up in work, school, and the circumstances around us, and often, we’re going 100mph through the week. Going on a retreat is a special time to get away from the norm and the routine and slow down. It’s a time of reflection and refreshment.

3. Strengthen Your Confidence in Him

You can encounter God no matter where you are, but you truly encounter Him in a personal and special way during a retreat. Here you’ll learn to trust in the Lord in new ways, and ultimately build a foundation of love and confidence and that will help you along your journey for years to come.

4. Enrich and Grow Your Relationships

Similar to the first point, spending quality time with friends and others you may not know as well, will enlighten your world. God loves making use of moments such as these. He brings people together for a stronger support system and a lot of fun memories.

5. Discover More of Who You Were Made to Be

We are usually asking the question of who we’re becoming — what gifts we have, how can we use them, what we should do with our lives. Trips like these are a great opportunities to discover who you are, whether through the time of teaching, time with your peers, or time with God.

6. Discover God’s Love for You

There are a number of ways God can reveal His love to you, and one important way is simply just time spent in prayer and communication with Him. During a retreat, you’ll have the opportunity to get away and spend time communicating with Him and hearing Him tell you just how much He loves you.

7. Answer Tough Questions

There are moments at retreats where you will have opportunities to ask questions that you’ve always wondered about. Whether it’s a general question, or something more personal, these are safe places to ask anything.

8. Grow Your Understanding of the Bible

It can be difficult to find time to read your bible during the week, but during a retreat, you have dedicated time just for it. During the teaching you’ll have a chance to know it more and know God more. A time to take notes, highlight, ask questions, and dive deeper.

9. Find life long friends

God loves bring people together, as we’ve said above. It can always feel new or different meeting people or knowing them deeper. But can work in special ways. And years from now as you look back, it will be so worth it.

Sign Up for Your Encounter

Retreats are just about that — encounters. Encounters with God, encounters with others, and encounter with yourself.

Don’t miss your opportunity to encounter God, grow in your faith, and develop deeper relationships with other students — sign up for an Ignite Retreat today!

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