Greater Things

For greater things have yet to come 
And greater things are still to be done in this City

The words stuck in my throat as we belted out the song. The others in the car didn’t hear me trying to choke out those lyrics. At least, they didn’t seem to give any sign that they heard. This song holds a special place in my heart – and has become my song for Europe.

Greater Things

I first heard this song on a trip I led to Czech in 2009. One of my team members had it on her iPod, and had been telling me I had to hear it. When I finally relented and listened to the song, I started tearing up. It was my prayer for Czech, for the work we had been doing in that country, in song form. It quickly became the theme of that trip – and a song I listened to every morning during my time with God at our youth retreat, standing on a hill, overlooking the mountains in Trinec, praying for the country of Czech.

Greater Things

That night in the car was the second time I heard this song in Bucharest. I wasn’t expecting it. Didn’t think God would bring this song up during my time in Romania. And yet, there it was. Blasting in the car as a group of Americans and Romanians were worshipping God together.

Greater Things

God has used this song time and again to remind me that my work and my calling in Europe is not done. He still has a plan for me there, whether I find myself living in Europe or simply traveling there a few times a year. And He used it again a few days ago to show me the work we began in Bucharest last week is not done. It was only a start.

Greater Things

Greater than painting doors, greater than any English conversations, greater than handing out fliers, praying for people, or speaking at church, that’s what God wants to do in Bucharest.
And in Cesky Tesin.
And in Monmouth.
And in Galesburg.
And in Peoria.
And throughout the world.

Greater Things

God isn’t done moving in our cities.
He isn’t done transforming our countries.
He isn’t done changing our lives, the lives of those around us, and those we have yet to meet.

He has greater things He wants to do.

For greater things have yet to come 
And greater things are still to be done in this City

What greater thing are you praying for God to do in your life?

Broken Again

It’s our last night in Bucharest, Romania, and I can honestly say I don’t want to go home.

I’ve known the past few years that I am called to do ministry in Europe. It’s why I have returned to the Czech Republic at least once a year since 2006. It’s why I have a map of the world hanging in my home office. It’s why any time I even think about organizing a trip to Europe, I begin crying.

I am called to this continent.
And this week, God broke my heart for another country.

It’s been a powerful week of ministry, serving, speaking, praying, worshipping, encouraging, being encouraged, blessing, being blessed, and meeting people who, God permitting, I will see again sometime soon.

I’ve found myself Googling the history of Romania.
Purchasing an atlas so I can pray over this country.
Praying every time we were walking from one location to another.
Claiming the promise that every where I step my foot will be God’s.
Sowing financially into the ministries of this country.
Connecting with the people.
Trying to learn the language so I can have at least a basic understanding of what is being said.

All signs that I’m hooked.
And that this won’t be my last time here.

God has opened a door for me in Romania.
One that I hope will stay open for many more years to come.

A Whispered Reminder

The past few days in Romania have been pretty powerful.

God has shown up in some powerful ways, opening doors of ministry and opportunity that only He could open. During our small group party Saturday night, while one of our team members shared his story of coming to Christ, an opportunity arose for the Agapia church members to really explain the importance of salvation and baptism to some Orthodox members of the group. We’ve had a few conversations with people in the streets as we’ve handed out fliers to our Practice Your English workshops. God has used those fliers, which can be very ineffective, to bring individuals to our workshops who never heard about the church and who aren’t believing Christians. We’ve spoken into people’s lives, are building relationships with people each night, and saw an open door tonight for the pastor of the church to share about Christ with one of the attendees of our workshop.

We even had an open door with the community center where the church meets to have the name of Ignite, the name of Agapia church, and our personal names typed up and presented before the mayor of Bucharest. The President of the community center was so moved that we came from America and were willing to paint doors in the community center, that she asked for us to type up a paragraph in both English and Romanian explaining who we are, what we did for them, and why we did it so she could take it before the mayor of Bucharest.

It’s been an amazing trip.

While God has been moving through us during our time in Romania, the most impactful moment of the trip for me came earlier today.

Our team was walking to lunch after having painted doors and cleaned up, and were joking around with each other. I attempted to respond to a team member using the limited Romanian vocabulary I have picked up and accidentally responded with the limited Czech vocabulary I know. I got a little flustered and mumbled that I am mixing up my languages.

In that moment, I felt God respond to me and say: “This won’t be the last time you mix up your languages. I will be sending you to many countries. It will be impossible for you to keep straight all the languages you’ll pick up.”

It was a very humbling moment.

If you know me at all, you know my heart beats for this continent – to be a part of what God is doing and will do among the millions of Europeans who don’t know Him.

It’s what I was made for.

Those seemingly simple whispers continue to push me forward in the plans He has for my life, and remind me that He is using me to impact a continent, even if I’m not here permanently.

Overwhelming Promise

A few months ago, I labeled 2013 as my year of promise – a year I believed I would see both current promises being fulfilled and new promises being made. It’s a process I go through every year, trying to align every aspect of my life with what I believe God wants to do in me and through me.

It was an exciting word.
One I genuinely looking forward to living out.

But I could never have expected what it truly meant.

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