Overwhelming Promise

A few months ago, I labeled 2013 as my year of promise – a year I believed I would see both current promises being fulfilled and new promises being made. It’s a process I go through every year, trying to align every aspect of my life with what I believe God wants to do in me and through me.

It was an exciting word.
One I genuinely looking forward to living out.

But I could never have expected what it truly meant.

This Friday, I will load up my car, drive to Chicago, hop a plane, and begin the 13 hours of flights and layovers that will land me in Bucharest, Romania.

I’m excited and nervous about this trip.

I’ve spent time praying, fasting, preparing messages and outreach sessions, praying some more, packing, unpacking, repacking, suddenly remembering something I forgot, trying to nail down what I am supposed to say when I preach, and crying.

Lots and lots of crying.
It’s how I get before every mission trip I take.

But this trip is different.

There have been more tears.
More excitement.
More nervousness, anxiousness, and a lot more prayer.

This trip is the fulfillment of a promise God made back in 2007.

During my second trip to Czech, while I was part of a team training leaders to plant churches, God gave me an overwhelming promise:

I will do ministry in almost every country in Europe (and Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia, too, but those are for another time).

It’s a promise I’ve clung to.
A promise I’ve rejoiced over.
A promise I’ve shared with many people.

And one I was beginning to think would never come to pass.

For six years my ministry into Europe has been strictly in Czech. I’ve seen God transform lives, impact a youth group, and begin changing a nation.

My heart is deeply broken for Czech.
But it’s not just for Czech.

It’s not just the thought of doing ministry in a single country that breaks my heart.

It’s the promise that He will transform all of Europe.

As of 2007, God hadn’t opened a single door into another country in Europe.
Until now.

This trip to Romania is more than a mission trip.
It’s more than outreaches and preaching and praying for people.
It’s bigger than a dream or vision or hope.

This trip is a promise. Fulfilled.

Please hold me and my team in your prayers this upcoming week as we reach out to university students and young professionals in Bucharest Romania.

Download the trip itinerary so you can pray for us!