A Whispered Reminder

The past few days in Romania have been pretty powerful.

God has shown up in some powerful ways, opening doors of ministry and opportunity that only He could open. During our small group party Saturday night, while one of our team members shared his story of coming to Christ, an opportunity arose for the Agapia church members to really explain the importance of salvation and baptism to some Orthodox members of the group. We’ve had a few conversations with people in the streets as we’ve handed out fliers to our Practice Your English workshops. God has used those fliers, which can be very ineffective, to bring individuals to our workshops who never heard about the church and who aren’t believing Christians. We’ve spoken into people’s lives, are building relationships with people each night, and saw an open door tonight for the pastor of the church to share about Christ with one of the attendees of our workshop.

We even had an open door with the community center where the church meets to have the name of Ignite, the name of Agapia church, and our personal names typed up and presented before the mayor of Bucharest. The President of the community center was so moved that we came from America and were willing to paint doors in the community center, that she asked for us to type up a paragraph in both English and Romanian explaining who we are, what we did for them, and why we did it so she could take it before the mayor of Bucharest.

It’s been an amazing trip.

While God has been moving through us during our time in Romania, the most impactful moment of the trip for me came earlier today.

Our team was walking to lunch after having painted doors and cleaned up, and were joking around with each other. I attempted to respond to a team member using the limited Romanian vocabulary I have picked up and accidentally responded with the limited Czech vocabulary I know. I got a little flustered and mumbled that I am mixing up my languages.

In that moment, I felt God respond to me and say: “This won’t be the last time you mix up your languages. I will be sending you to many countries. It will be impossible for you to keep straight all the languages you’ll pick up.”

It was a very humbling moment.

If you know me at all, you know my heart beats for this continent – to be a part of what God is doing and will do among the millions of Europeans who don’t know Him.

It’s what I was made for.

Those seemingly simple whispers continue to push me forward in the plans He has for my life, and remind me that He is using me to impact a continent, even if I’m not here permanently.