kristfest worship

Making a Nation Wide Impact at Kristfest

The last week of our trip to Czech, the team and I were privileged to help lead sessions and minister to students at Kristfest — their national youth camp.

It’s always an amazing experience getting to interact with and pour into youth at a nation-wide level. This year was our third time helping with Kristfest and it was, by far, the best event yet.

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8 Steps to Find a Local Church When in College

Trying to find a local church to attend while you’re away at college can often be difficult.

Most churches probably aren’t advertising on campus, you might not find an active Christian group at your school or, if you do, you might not be able to attend right away, and finding other students willing to get up on a Sunday morning to go to church can often be near impossible.

It’s important for your faith and your walk with Christ to get involved in a local church, but how do you find the right one?

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A Step Towards God

This post was written by Jill Turley, senior at Monmouth College and member of the 2015 mission team to the Czech Republic.

I think it’s safe to say everyone has strayed from God at some point, particularly during or after a hardship in their lives. It’s a pretty natural response. Something bad happens that’s out of anyone’s control, we look at God who’s supposed to always want the best for us and can do literally anything, and yet the bad thing still happened. We get mad, we get confused, we have no way of understanding and all we want is answers. When we don’t get answers, we get madder. At this point, usually our fight or flight instinct kicks in, and since we can’t fight God, we usually walk away.

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Freezing to Make an Impact

When it comes to building relationships with young people during our trips to Czech, there’s not a lot I won’t do.

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bible reading plans

5 YouVersion Bible Reading Plans to Grow Your Faith

Let’s be honest. Reading the Bible isn’t always easy.

Where do you start? How much should you read? How long should you read? What if it doesn’t make sense? All questions that hinder us from getting into the Bible every day.

Enter the YouVersion Bible App.

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God has Something Great for Me

This post was written by Haley Osborn, sophomore at Monmouth College and member of the 2015 mission team to the Czech Republic.

The trip to the Czech Republic with Ignite this year is something I’ll never forget. Not only did I get to meet so many amazing people, I made friendships that I know I’ll cherish forever.

After only 1 week I felt very close to them. I had some of the best conversations with them and got to play a lot of games. I am even keeping in touch through Skype with some of them.

I went on this trip expecting to do a lot of Gods work to help other people. It was actually the opposite that happened. People seemed to be helping me more than I was helping them. I felt closer to God than I ever have before.

God really changed a lot for me in just two weeks. The team I went with lead a leadership conference in Cesky Tesin. I personally got a lot from that. Especially after the session “Walking in Great Faith.” I really learned that great faith comes with a price.

I finally started to believe God has something great in store for me if I’m willing to pay the price.

I’ve never been a leader, nor did I ever want to be one. After that conference though, I really had a desire to become more active in a leadership role.

God did a lot in my life on this trip, and I am so thankful I got the opportunity to go and experience God in a new way.

Czech Republic Mission Trip

I Belong to Czech Republic

Words cannot describe the impact this year’s trip to the Czech Republic had on my life.

Every year, I tell the team that God tends to show up and do more than we experienced on previous trips — and this year was no exception.

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