Why Do You Fundraise for a Mission Trip?

Here at Ignite, we love missions.

In fact, we encourage every student to take part in a mission trip at least one time in their lives. We believe a mission trip has the potential to change lives — not only of those we go to serve, but also those on the team. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, grows your faith, and helps you see the world in a much different way.

Our students love going on an Ignite mission trip.

But there is one part no student likes — raising the money to go.

Fundraising Misconceptions

It’s uncomfortable asking people to give you money to go on a mission trip, especially when it seems like they get nothing in return. I mean, who likes asking others for money? It can be awkward, intimidating, and down right humiliating.

That is, if you don’t understand what fundraising for a mission trip is all about.

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to fundraising for a mission trip, both for students and for their parents:

  • It’s nothing more than begging others for money
  • It’s asking people to fund something you should pay for yourself
  • It’s a sign that your family can’t provide for your needs
  • It’s getting free money without any benefit for those who give
  • It’s inappropriate to ask others for money
  • It’s wrong to go do work in another country when there are so many needs here
  • And the kicker: we don’t want the family getting uncomfortable with you just asking for money (Our students get this one a LOT).

Many parents see our form of fundraising — sending out letters asking for money — with the lens of one, if not all, of the reasons above.

And once they see fundraising letters through those lenses, it’s difficult to see anything else.

But, you see, fundraising for a mission trip isn’t about the money.
It’s about the partnership.

Missions Partnership

As followers of Christ, we are called to take his truths to the end of the earth (Matthew 28:19). It was the last charge Jesus gave to us before He ascended back into heaven, which means: it’s non-negotiable.

However, realistically, not all of us can physically go on a mission trip. There are jobs to work, bills to pay, and kids to watch.

That’s where supporting a mission team comes in.

When we fundraise for an Ignite mission trip, we aren’t asking people to just give us money so we can go do our thing. We’re asking people to partner with us — to join together with us as we plan, prepare, and ultimately go to impact lives.

Making an Impact

Financially partnering with a mission trip makes you a part of what God wants to do. You are a conduit — providing a way for others to bring His truths to the nations. And when lives are changed — God credits that life change to everyone involved: the team who went and the team who gave financially.

Those who give financially aren’t just donors. They are part of the mission team.

One day, when we find ourselves in heaven and Christ is showing us how our lives built His kingdom, there will be a number of people you never met before who thank you for the impact you made — simply because you paved the way financially for someone else to do the work of bringing the gospel to them.

That’s the power of supporting a mission team.

When we send out letters, we aren’t asking people for a handout.
We are asking for a partnership — a partnership in changing lives and seeing others come closer to Christ.

And we don’t want to deny anyone that opportunity.

That’s why we send out fundraising letters.

Partner with Us

Are you ready to make a difference in the lives of others? Consider partnering with our Czech Republic team! Each team member needs to raise $3,400 in order to cover the costs of this trip, for a team total of $17,000. Please pray about partnering with us to reach young people in the Czech Republic with the gospel of Christ. Click the button below to make a secure, online, tax-deductible donation today!

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Czech Trip Planning Underway

Planning for our annual trip to the Czech Republic this July is underway!

This past weekend, our Ignite Czech leadership team met with trip leader Jason Vana to begin talking through ideas for the trip, including outreaches, retreat, and focus of our time there.

While this was only the preliminary meeting, and we are still praying and thinking about specific details, the goal is to go to the next level in our impact on this year’s trip. Some ideas include: Read more