Power of Love

Last week, members of our Ignite Monmouth group hosted the first ever Ignite Week — five nights of strategic events targeted at building relationships with students who have never been to an Ignite gathering.

We had a massive dodgeball game in the athletic center, a night of soda pong and card games in the student center, the first Ignite gathering of the semester with free pizza, a video game night in the student center, and capped it all off with a free chili dinner and game night at the Ignite house.

It was a very fun, exciting, and tiring week. But it was a smashing success. Within a short time, we already have new people committed to coming to Ignite every week to learn more about and encounter God.

But here’s the catch — it was all relationship based.

At no time during Ignite week did we hand out gospel tracks. We didn’t stand in the center of campus and call students to repentance. We weren’t after conversions, decisions, or trying to boost the number of students who got saved.

We simply were out to get to know students, and show them that the Christians on campus, they actually care about and love people.

And we really do.

Students who were struggling to find a group of friends on campus found a place to belong.
Others who had drifted from God found a place to come back to Him again.
Some discovered that not all Christians are judgmental, boring people.
Others even said it was the first time they felt happy since being on campus.

There is power in truly loving others where they are and for who they are.

Comforting them in their pain.
Meeting them in their routine.
Rejoice with them in their blessings.
Crying with them in their hurts.

The simple act of interrupting your day and going out of your way to interact with someone else speaks volumes — and shows others that God really does care.

We saw it last week in our Ignite Week events — and because of our love, lives have been and will be forever changed.

How are you displaying Christ’s love to others?