Czech Youth Visits Ignite Monmouth Gathering

This week, Ignite played host to one of the young men we’ve ministered to during our annual mission trip to the Czech Republic.

Adam Hlavka, of Dolni Tosanovice, Czech Republic, made a detour after a mission trip to New York City to come visit us in Monmouth. He is one of the young men we met on our first mission trip to Czech in 2008, and has stepped up to serve each time we’ve returned. In his own words:

The American team led by Jason Vana in summer 2009 changed my life immensely. He brought a couple of young people over to Czech and I honestly never felt more interest than from them. Especially Jason invested in my life a lot. Even though I spent only like two weeks with him he got to encourage and support me as no one before him.

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Adam had the opportunity to attend our Ignite Monmouth gathering, visit with students who came on the 2009 and 2011 mission trips, hang out on campus and even witnessed to students who have some of the hardest hearts towards God – and saw breakthrough happen in their lives.

It has been an honor having Adam visit our group, speak life into our students, and share about the impact we are making in Czech.

Then he prayed this:

It was an amazing opportunity to have Adam visit and pray for us this week, and an incredible mark of the ministry we are doing around the world.

This is why we go to Czech: to see young people like Adam encouraged, equipped and walking into the call God has on their lives.

Learn more about our trip to Czech and partner with us to impact young people, like Adam, for Christ.

Ruined. Completely.

A little over three days ago, British Airways flight number 295 touched down in Chicago, signifying the end of our mission trip to the Czech Republic. My team gathered their bags, said goodbye at the airport, and we all went our separate ways.

It was a pretty rough day for me.

If you know me at all, or have read this blog for any amount of time, it’s no secret that my heart beats for Czech (well really all of Central and Eastern Europe). I talk about it. I dream about it. Apparently even people who don’t know me well at all know that I am passionate about impacting young people in Europe. I live for these trips, feel at home when I’m in Europe…and tend to cry when it’s time to come back to the States.

I have been ruined.

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And God Showed Up

Earlier this afternoon, we wrapped up our youth retreat, packed into a few cars and headed out for our mountain hike. We walked up a gravel roadway, took a short cut up a ski slope and spent some time relaxing and taking pictures at the top. It was a great way to spend the afternoon. The trip down the mountain was a bit…wet. It started pouring on us as a Czech thunderstorm rolled into the area.

It definitely was the best way to end an amazing retreat.

I am still in awe of everything God did. I don’t have the time or the energy to write about every testimony and to lay out what happened each day. I could write a post about each testimony itself, that’s how much God did in and through us. But there are a few stories that really impacted me.

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