Pressing on Towards the Goal

Jordan Knight, the Coach for our Ignite group at Carl Sandburg College, is currently leading a mission trip with some of our Ignite students to New Orleans. They will be spending a week working with the poor, doing children’s ministry and some construction projects.

Here is an excerpt some of the girls wrote about their first day:

Day 1—Our journey begins. 15 missionaries for Jesus met at 4:30am for devotion, prayer, and singing. By 5:15, we were on the road headed for New Orleans. Unfortunately at 5:30, 8 of our missionaries returned to Galesburg to retrieve all of our money and debit cards that were forgotten at the church. (Way to go, Jordan!)  By the time the sun had risen, we had all met up again at Litchfield, and from there continued on our journey.

Through darkness, sunshine, darkness again, and rain, we traveled until  at 9 pm we arrived at the Canal Street Presbyterian Church—our home for the week.  After carrying lots of luggage, sleeping bags, and other miscellaneous items up to the second floor, we inflated our air mattresses and got ready to travel to the French Quarter to bring in the new year. We spent the next half an hour waiting for the street car which never came, so we decided to pack into the van and hope that we could find a parking place down town. We couldn’t– so Jordan dropped us off and parked many  blocks away. In the end, he met up with us at Café Du Monde where we enjoyed some beignets and rang in the new year together. After another lengthy drive, we arrived back at the church at 1:30, almost 22 hours after our day began. The day didn’t go exactly as planned, but with God’s help, we did reach our goal.

We are thankful for a safe journey and are eager to begin our work here.

Please continue to pray for the team as they reach out in New Orleans!