November Prayer

Prayer is at the foundation of all we do in Ignite. It keeps us in tune with God’s voice, grows our faith and opens doors that only He can open.

Please hold us in your prayers this month for the following:

Ignite Board: We are in the process of growing the Ignite board and need wisdom and discernment in our choices.

Ignite Mission Trips: We are in the planning stages of our annual trip to the Czech Republic and our brand new New Orleans trip. Please pray for wisdom in planning, raising the finances and safe travels for both trips.

Students Ignited: Please pray that we see students at Monmouth College and Carl Sandburg College come to know Christ, get ignited with a passion for God, and reach out to their fellow students.

Divine Connections to start Ignite at: Culver-Stockton College (Canton, MO), Western Illinois University (Macomb, IL), Knox College (Galesburg, IL), Augustana College (Rock Island, IL), Northern Illinois University (DeKalb, IL) and Silesian University (Opava, Czech Republic).

Finances: Ignite is funded primarily through donations from our partners. Please pray that we see growth in our finances in order to increase our ministry to more schools. You can help by making a tax-deductible donation today!

Staff: We are attempting to fundraise a salary to bring President and Visionary Leader, Jason Vana, on full time to push our ministry forward and step through doors God has opened. Please pray for partners in this endeavor.

We appreciate your prayers and look forward to sharing with you how God answered each one!

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  1. Treathyl FOX
    Treathyl FOX says:

    For the life of me I don’t know why anybody would find it hard to pray. Least of all, faithful Christians. That’s one of the things you have total control over. A person could be butchering you! In your heart you’re praying to God. Can’t nobody stop you from doing it! Hey! Whatever is happening, it ain’t gonna last forever! Just keep praying.

    Notice I said one of the things. Yeah the other thing is forgiving others. Can’t nobody stop you from doing that neither!

    I think the example of Jesus while dying on the cross showed prayer and forgiveness in action. So just copy what He did!! If He can do it, we can do it! :) <3 +++

  2. marthaorlando
    marthaorlando says:

    Ian, I’m glad I found you here on Authentic Blogger! This is a wonderful post and a great reminder to us all that there is no “correct” way to pray. God does want to hear from us. And, what a great image of God sitting on the edge of His seat! Beautiful!
    Blessings to you!

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