Lent Deeper: Made New

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”
2 Corinthians 5:17

It’s not always easy to believe that we’ve been made new.

We know our sins. We know our mistakes. We know the ways in which our minds haven’t been renewed. We know the regrets that still haunt us. We could immediately point out those temptations that still plague us. We still have those deep dark secrets we hide from the world.

No point in time in our walk with Christ can we honestly say we don’t know how we’ve sinned.

We know the mistakes we made yesterday.
The thoughts we let run through our minds last night.
And the selfish desires that run through our hearts on a daily basis.

We are intimate with our faults.
Which makes it hard to believe that we’ve changed.

We are sinners. Mess ups. Prone to returning to the thoughts and actions that hurt us, numb us and pull us away from God.

We’re selfish. Angry. Lustful. Spiteful. Liars. Cheats. Thieves.
We care more about ourselves than anyone else.
We’ve pulled away from God and rarely seek Him like we should.

But God doesn’t see us that way.

When we came to Christ, when we gave our lives to Him, when we chose to turn from our sin and follow this God who dwells among us, something powerful happened.

We were given a new identity.
Brought into God’s family.
And changed completely.

We became new.

The sins we used to struggle with are no longer our masters.
The mistakes we used to make are not ours to own.
The regrets and misgivings and bitterness we hold onto don’t belong to us.

We are new creations.

We still sin. We still make mistakes. We still struggle in the same areas. We will still hold onto hurts and bitterness and anger. We will still fall short, make selfish decisions and run from God.

But when God looks at us, He doesn’t see the mess ups we believe ourselves to be.

He sees a new creation.
A cherished child made in the image of His Son.
And doesn’t count our faults against us.

We are forgiven, washed clean and made new.

We just have to believe it.

And so, my brothers and sisters, as you come face to face with your sin, may you remember that you are a new creation. May you move past your old identity as a sinner. And may you find, as you embrace God’s new identity for you, that you have been completely forgiven of everything you’ve ever done or ever will do.

What part of your old identity do you need to let go?