Just Pray

Praying is one of the most difficult struggles for Christians today.

Reading the Bible can be tedious, but when we see the Bible sitting on the table, it reminds us that we need to read. Sin is a huge challenge, but we KNOW that we are not to participate in it, so we fight to stay away from sin.

It’s different with prayer. There is no physical reminder to call us to pray, and forgetting to make time for prayer is a very easy.

Even still, the biggest issue we have with prayer is that we do not know how to do it. Jesus taught us one prayer, but sometimes that prayer can seem rehearsed and ineffective. Other times, we have specific needs and thanks to offer God, but we are unsure how to do it. Worse still, there are times we feel as though God is not answering our prayers – either He is not listening or He feels distant and unconcerned. Our prayers go unanswered and we feel as though God never heard them in the first place. Prayer is hard!

But it does not have to be.

God wants us to call out to Him, and He does not care how we do it. He just wants to hear from us. Your prayers do not need to be eloquent pieces of work; they just need to be heartfelt. Your prayers do not need to cry out for the salvation of all souls; they just need to be an honest presentation of your heart to God. He is waiting to hear your voice today, and when He does, He will rejoice that you contacted Him in the first place (Ps. 141:2, Matt 6:7).

Even if you do not know WHAT to pray, God still wants to hear from you. Just open your heart and start talking. If you can think of nothing else to say but Jesus’ name, then cry, “Jesus!” with all you can muster, and trust God. The sweetest prayer comes not from the best words or asks for the nicest things, but from the heart that earnestly seeks to touch God.

Do not believe the lies any longer. God is waiting on the edge of His seat to hear from you. He longs to hear your voice. He looks forward to when you contact Him, you just have to start talking.

Remember: God HEARS every prayer and rejoices, He just does not answer all of them the way we want. So start now. Have a discussion with the Lord of Creation and see what He has to say to you.

Just pray.

Read it yourself: 2 Chronicles 7:14, Romans 8:26, Psalm 141:2, Matthew 6:7

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  1. Treathyl FOX
    Treathyl FOX says:

    For the life of me I don’t know why anybody would find it hard to pray. Least of all, faithful Christians. That’s one of the things you have total control over. A person could be butchering you! In your heart you’re praying to God. Can’t nobody stop you from doing it! Hey! Whatever is happening, it ain’t gonna last forever! Just keep praying.

    Notice I said one of the things. Yeah the other thing is forgiving others. Can’t nobody stop you from doing that neither!

    I think the example of Jesus while dying on the cross showed prayer and forgiveness in action. So just copy what He did!! If He can do it, we can do it! :) <3 +++

  2. marthaorlando
    marthaorlando says:

    Ian, I’m glad I found you here on Authentic Blogger! This is a wonderful post and a great reminder to us all that there is no “correct” way to pray. God does want to hear from us. And, what a great image of God sitting on the edge of His seat! Beautiful!
    Blessings to you!

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