In It All

This year, I experienced a new Czech first while at Kristfest.

I got sick.
Like, really, really sick.

We still don’t know what disease swept through the camp, but early Tuesday morning, over 30 people found themselves incredibly sick.

Whole body aches.

Four people even went to the hospital.

Later on that day, all of us infected people were grouped together in a cabin to try and curb the spread of what I affectionately started calling The Black Death.

Some thought it was food poisoning. Others an airborne virus. Rumors spread that it may have been linked to the water – seeing as the retreat center illegally tapped into water wells they weren’t supposed to use.

As I laid in bed on Tuesday, praying God would take me and spare me another trip to the bathroom, something interesting began to happen.

The youth at the camp began stepping up – and praying for people.

I can’t begin to count the number of youth who stopped me various times through the day to ask if they could pray for me. Or who would stop by our room to pray.

They even organized a worship night in the quarantine building to pray for those of us who were sick. (Side note: when you’re sick and it’s 9pm at night, all you want is sleep. I was a bit grumpy about this at first, but amazed to see them step up nonetheless).

I even had people leave my Led by the Spirit session on Tuesday afternoon because they felt God wanted them to pray for some of the other sick kids.

Here we were, helping put on this camp to challenge students to step up into all God has called them to do, and all it took was us getting sick to make it happen.

That’s humbling.
And amazing.

Despite the canceled sessions, feeling like crap, and trying to push my way through a session I really wanted to cancel, God moved – and impacted the lives of youth in more ways than any session could have.

He really does use all things – even The Black Death – for good.