Ignite Monmouth Gets in the Word!

Last night, Ignite Monmouth held it’s first official group gathering of the school year, and it was a huge success.

We saw over 25 students, and three staff members, show up for the gathering, get to know each other, worship and pray together, and discuss how to keep your spiritual fire burning during the school year. It was fun, exciting…and very challenging.

Student Leader Ian Smith led the discussion, challenging students that Ignite gatherings and church services are not enough to keep you going through the week. He likened it to eating 15,000 calories all on Sunday, and not eating again until the following week. You may get filled up, feel satisfied (or bloated!), but in the end, that’s not enough to keep you going. We have to be stoking that fire every day.

The group discussed the need to read their Bibles and pray every day, and the benefits that come from such discipline.

The 5×5 Plan
Ian then laid out what his church calls the 5×5 plan: commit to spending 5 minutes reading your Bible and 5 minutes in prayer each day. No matter how busy you are, everyone has at least 10 minutes they can spare each day to spend with God. We’re praying that students pick up that challenge an commit to it throughout the school year.

Time with God is important, and the members of Ignite Monmouth, both new and returning, were challenged to carve out that time each day to stoke their relationship with God and keep the fire for Him burning. It was a great way to start off the school year.

Related Resources:
The following resources will help you get consistent in your Bible reading and prayer time:

  • YouVersion: This web site, complete with mobile apps, provides members with a number of interactive Bible reading plans to help you get into the Word and know where to start.
  • BibleGateway: This web site offers a number of biblical translations, along with online commentaries, dictionaries and devotions.
  • Prayer of Examen: This ancient prayer form will help you learn not only how to make your requests known to God, but also how to express gratitude and listen for His voice.

How do you plan on reading your bible and praying more?

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