God Moved

Our first day of ministry here in Czech is done and over with, and I’m still in awe of everything God did.

We’ve never had a first day quite like this one.

I had the opportunity to preach and pray for people at our partner church, Krestanske Centrum. The message God had laid on my heart for weeks for this church was how Pleasing God involved walking with him – allowing Him to lead fully lead out lives – and trusting Him completely. Afterwards, my team and I prayed for a number of people struggling with that same issue – people going through divorce, suffering from a chronic illness, believing God did not have a plan for them, struggling with doubt and hopelessness. Numerous times after our time of ministry, people came up to us to say they needed to hear that exact message.

God moved.

Later in the evening, we hosted a Welcome Group, where our team – both Czechs and Americans – went to the Svibice neighborhood, invited people to come, served a free meal, and gave a preview of what the week would hold. There was a drama skit, a fashion show, a “How American is Jason” challenge that required me to drink a 20oz bottle of Coke faster than a Czech person (because that apparently proves my American-ness…haha), and information on all our workshops and events.

For the first time in the five years I’ve brought a team to work with this youth group, my team didn’t have a big role to play. Our Czech team planned the Welcome Group, invited people to come for weeks, did most of the presenting…and left me in amazement.

My goal in Czech is, and always has been, to not be needed anymore. We started working with this group back in 2008, speaking into their lives, helping them see the potential locked within them, and igniting them to reach their generation for Christ.

This year, for the first time, I felt we weren’t needed.
And I couldn’t me more excited.

God is doing something amazing among these young people. They are passionate about reaching their generation, moving past fear, and are truly making a difference in the lives of others.

They could teach us Americans a thing or two about truly following Jesus.

The evening ended with me having the opportunity to pray for a man who was radically transformed by Jesus while in prison, and who was released and led his wife and children to Christ as well.

It was a beautiful picture of what God is doing in this country – bringing people out of bondage and igniting them to reach others with the hope and light of Christ.

Today will be more low-key, as we prepare for this upcoming week and host a night of worship and prayer for the youth group. With what God did yesterday, I’m excited to see how He shows up again today.

Please continue to pray for us as we reach out to young people with the hope and message of Jesus Christ. You can find a list of prayer requests and download our itinerary on the Ignite website.