Deeper: Ordinary Men. Extraordinary Impact.

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.”
Acts 4:13

We don’t tend to put an emphasis on ordinary people.

When it comes to ministry or church leadership, we want the best. We want the people who have spent time and money going to Bible school. We want those individuals who excelled in hermeneutics and apologetics and dissecting the biblical text. We want the communicators, speakers, those people who can deliver a message and wow us on a weekly basis. We want the successful ministers, those who started a church and within a year, a month or even a week, turned it into a church of thousands.

We want the schooled.
We want the extraordinary.
We want the wow-factor appeal for our leaders.

And we think we need to the same to truly make a difference.

But Peter and John set a different standard.

When they were pulled before the Sadducees for healing a man and preaching in the name of Christ, the religious rulers saw them as unschooled. And ordinary.

They never completed the regular schooling needed to be authorities on spiritual matters. They didn’t spend the necessary 15 years worth of training to be rabbis. They didn’t have the degree, the education or even the approval of other rabbis to be spokesmen for God. They weren’t the kind of guys who people flocked to. They weren’t eloquent speakers. The weren’t well known. No one held banquets for them or asked them to come and speak.

They were unschooled.
They were ordinary.
And they changed the world.

Because the only thing that qualifies us to change the world, the only thing that makes us worthy of leading for Christ, the only qualification for being used by God is that we’ve encountered Christ.

Schooling won’t do it.
Eloquent speech isn’t enough.
Learning hermeneutics, pulling apart the text and having a degree doesn’t make you a disciple.

Knowing Christ does.

And if you know Him, if you follow Him, if you live your life to become more like Him, you are qualified to make a difference.

And so, my brothers and sisters, as you wrestle with what it means to be used by God, may you remember that unschooled, ordinary men turned the world upside down. May you know that the only thing that qualifies you to minister for Christ is actually knowing Christ. And may you, as you put aside old notions of what it means to serve Christ, and realize that you have what it takes to change the world.

How can you use your gifts and talents to make a difference for Christ?

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  1. Dan Black
    Dan Black says:

    I know God has given me the gift and passions for leadership. So I’m using to the best of my ability that gift to serve other people. Great post!

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