Deeper: He is There

“For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”
Matthew 18:20

Jesus gives us an incredible promise in the book of Matthew. If just two people gather together to seek Him, talk about Him, focus on Him, and live for Him, He is there.

In the midst of the conversation over coffee, He is there.
When you’re in line in the grocery store, He is there.
When you have dinner with your friends, He is there.
When you share advice on the front porch, He is there.
When you come together for small group or youth group or a worship service, He is there.
When you serve others, give of your excess and bless those around you, He is there.

He is there when believers come together, when we pray, when we share stories of what He has done in our lives, even when we are just goofing around and having fun. Whenever we gather, whenever we pray, whenever and wherever we find ourselves with other believers, He shows up.

He is there whenever and wherever we are.

And while we may say He is there, while we hear our pastors or leaders talk about God’s presence being with us, while we know His promise to be with even just two people who come together, we tend to forget it.

We go to a church service, and start thinking about what we will do later.
We go to a youth group or Ignite gathering and talk about how we want to feel God.
We converse at a coffee shop, restaurant, or someone’s living room and can’t wait to feel God at a service.
We don’t prepare ourselves, crack inappropriate jokes and act as if He really isn’t there.

We don’t see Him, don’t feel Him, don’t hear Him…so He must not be there.

But He is.
And He wants to heal us.
And commune with us.
And encounter those He created and loves.

God is there, whether you feel Him, sense Him or hear Him. He is there when you are in a church service, youth group or just hanging out at a friend’s house. He is there in the line at the grocery store, in the midst of the coffee shop, even at your desk at work. He is there in your dorm room, apartment and even when you play ultimate frisbee.

He is there. All it takes is for us to acknowledge His presence, and we will see Him move in mighty ways.

And so, my brothers and sisters, as you gather together with other believers, may you remember that He truly is there. May you not limit His power and His presence to a formal church service, a specific location or the result of a certain person praying. And may you, as you acknowledge His presence whenever and wherever you are, begin to see Him move in your everyday life.

How can you begin to acknowledge His presence in your everyday life?

This devotion inspired by the Being Prepared session at the Ignite Encounter Retreat.

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  1. Jason
    Jason says:

    I’m taking steps in life to do that. To stop talking about His lack of presence and accepting He’s there no matter what the circumstances. It’s been hard but I’m moving forward.

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