Deeper: Do Everything for Him

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”
Colossians 3:17

We have this idea that doing something for God means doing something big.

Moving to another country. Giving up your dream job. Spending all your free time volunteering for a church. Working at an inner city school. Inviting troubled teens into your home. Traveling to India to work with AIDS suffers.  Walking door to door, dorm room to dorm room, neighborhood to neighborhood telling strangers that they need God.

Those are the serious disciples. Those are the people who truly love Him. Those are the radical, the passionate, the completely sold out followers who challenge our faith and shape the image of what it looks like to truly live for Christ. They push us, make us feel inadequate and set the bar of how we should be living.

Working for God, doing ministry, living your life to glorify Him requires some grand act of devotion.

Or so we think.

But living for Christ isn’t about the grand act. Following Him doesn’t mean we have to live in a hut somewhere. Being in ministry isn’t about expending our lives to work with AIDS patients, or spending every free minute volunteering for a church or even traveling the world telling people the message of Christ.

It’s not about the big things, the grandiose acts, the giant steps of faith that leave others in awe.

Following Christ about doing everything in your life, every mundane, ordinary, frustrating thing for His name.

Every job you don’t like going to.
Every class that frustrates you.
Every act of kindness to that neighbor.
Every spreadsheet you fill out.
Every paper you write.
Every meal you cook.
Every trip to the grocery store.
Every game night you attend.
Every book you read.
Every concert you attend.
Every date you go on.
Every dish you wash, bill you pay, and conversation you have.

Everything you do, no matter how big or how small, is done for Him.

That is what it means to live your life for Him. That is what it looks like to be passionate for Him. Not some grand act that puts you on a pedestal for others to stare at, but doing every thing, every act and job and responsibility out of a heart to glorify Him.

And taking those grand steps if and when He asks you to.

And so, my brothers and sisters, as you continue to live more and more after Him, may you remember that following Him isn’t about the grandiose acts. May you see that everything you do, whether big or small, is an opportunity to live for Him. And may you, as you do every act for Him, find that even the smallest things have the greatest impact in His kingdom.

How has your past hindered you from pursuing God?

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4 replies
  1. April
    April says:

    The big stuff is important, but in my opinion, the everyday is even more important because it reveals our character, our willingness to follow Christ in all things.
    My past has hindered a lot in my life, but as I am coming out of my past, I am coming to a different place of worship and daily service and I have to say, it’s nice.

    • Jason Vana
      Jason Vana says:

      I completely agree with you, April. I think the little things show our commitment and character more than the big things because, let’s be honest, there aren’t too many big things that happen in all of our lives. God isn’t calling all of us to move out of the country, or start a ministry or head up a nonprofit to provide water all over the world. It’s in the little things that our faith and trust and love are proven.

  2. Julie
    Julie says:

    I don’t feel like I’m doing enough.

    On another note, this is why I had mixed views on the book “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan. Throughout the book, he would discuss people who moved out of their comfort zones and made BIG changes around the world that affected the course of many different people’s lives. The message to me was if you aren’t willing to move out of your comfort zone and do those BIG things, then do you really LOVE God?

    It scared me to think that in order to live a life that is completely committed to God, I’d have to prove my faith by doing BIG things. As I’m growing in my faith, I am learning that it’s not about the big things, it’s about the things we do during our day that may seem meaningless but can go a long way.

    But, sometimes I reach a point where I feel like I am not doing enough and it leaves me feeling empty and “thirsty.” There is this drive in me that feels like I could be doing more but I’m not.

    Because of the things we do in life has no bearing or defines who we are as Christians. If we are truly a follower of Christ, then our lives will reflect what we say we believe.

    So where do we draw the line? What is doing TOO much or not doing ENOUGH?

    • Jason Vana
      Jason Vana says:

      Honestly, I don’t think there is a line we can draw to say what is too much or not enough, because it’s not really about what we do FOR Him as much as it is who we are IN Him. It just all comes down to what God asks you to do.

      I just think there is a trend to say following God is all about the big things, when really, it’s the big and small and medium things all together we do for Him. If He asks you to move to another country, then that is the right amount for you. If He asks to to stay where you are and volunteer your time mentoring young people, then that is the right amount for you. If He asks you to start your own business, or ministry, or give more to the poor or travel to a poverty-laden area and help the poor, then that is the right amount for you.

      Don’t let guilt drive what you do for God. Just because you don’t feel like you are doing enough, doesn’t mean that you are in fact not doing enough. It all depends on what God has put on your heart personally.

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