Changing Lives

The past few days in Czech have been pretty intense.

On Monday, I had the privilege to speak to the Krestanske Centrum youth group and the Ignite Czech group on what it means to pray and act in boldness. The neighborhood in which we reach out here requires all of us to walk in boldness – it was a reminder we all needed. We followed up the message with a time of worship, prayer for the week, and about 3 hours of me and my team praying for and prophesying over the Czech youth.

God did some amazing ministry in those three hours.

The youth surprised me that night by having a time where they came up one by one and shared how my past teams and I have had an impact on their lives. It was a very powerful moment for me – one that left me in tears. My heart and desire has always been to help these young people realize their potential and step into it, and it was powerful to see those changes in their lives.

Then yesterday started our official outreaches – a series of workshops in the afternoon followed by a Q & A time with the Americans.

While our workshops and evening outreach didn’t bring in the numbers we had expected, God did still move. We had the opportunity to pray for a woman stuck in a life of prostitution and see God begin to mess with her in a good way. She continued to come back to our events and interacting with the youth, and we believe she will come back again.

When we encounter the light, we can’t help but be drawn to it.

We also prayed for a number of girls who struggled with great insecurity, feeling as though they didn’t matter and had no worth. One girl, after praying and prophesying over her, said that I scared her – she didn’t know how I could know the things I knew about her. When I explained it was God, and that he saw her as a princess, it changed how she perceived herself. She was processing that truth for a pretty long time last night.

God is moving, and we believe He will continue to perform miracles and change lives through everything we do.

Please continue to hold us in your prayers as we reach out to young people who do not know their value or purpose in Christ. You can find a list of prayer requests and download our itinerary on the Ignite website.