college students

Why College Students?

College students. Reaching them with the gospel of Christ is our focus, passion, and driving force.

We believe if you want to change the world, you start with college students. The future business people, judges, lawyers, teachers, Congressmen and women, pastors, therapists, elected officials, government employees, doctors, and even the future President are all in college right now.

Reach them today. You change tomorrow.

It's an Important Mission

According to a number of recent studies, 75% of Christian students — even those actively involved in a youth group — fall away from their faith within their first semester at college.

We're not okay to sit idly by and let that continue.

Reaching college students is an important mission. Many colleges and professors are hostile to Christianity, creating an atmosphere where students are pressured into denouncing their faith (The classroom depicted in God's Not Dead happens more often than you think).

Without the support of family and friends, many find themselves walking away from their faith in order not to be ostracized and alone.

The college campus is one of the greatest unreached mission fields in our world today.

That is why Ignite focuses on college students — they are the future of our world.

How Ignite Can Help

Ignite can help you and your church effectively reach college students. Here's how:

  • Train your leadership team to start an Ignite group
  • Provide resources for your leadership team and students
  • Organize retreats to help students encounter God
  • Arrange mission trips to empower your students
  • Provide marketing and digital support for your group
  • Consult on effective outreach ideas
“After struggling with serious guilt and constantly being attacked by the enemy through lies, I found myself so far from God, but on this retreat, God revealed to me that He has already forgiven me and loves me unconditionally. So I’m VERY thankful for the blessing of Ignite.” — Eunice Vincent, Knox College Alum
”Before Ignite, I was hosting guys in my room to drink and go on “car rides” to do drugs. Now, I host high schoolers in a Church Youth group and a praise band.” – Kim Freeman, Monmouth College Alum
”When it came time for me to leave, Jason gathered the team together to pray for me. Not only did they bless me with their prayers, but they also reaffirmed (yet again) the things that God has been speaking to me for years.” – Justin Holden, Czech Republic