Sarah Choi

Ever since this weekend of Ignite Retreat, God's Spirit has moved through several conversations I had with people I encountered the past few days.

A few minutes ago, while reflecting upon God's glory and wonder at a bakery, a man approached me and asked, "Are you studying the Bible right now?" I had my ESV Bible turned to 2 Kings, but with my journal laying on top of it. His simple question became a few minute conversation about IVCF at Knox, and a start to his personal experience as a former IVCF member while at Knox decades ago. He asked if retreats were still going on, and that opened up another conversation about my experience this past weekend at the Ignite Retreat.

This stranger, who happened to sit next to my table, on a Tuesday, at 5:30 p.m, reading The Register-Mail, with an opened bag of pecans sitting next to his left arm, asked, "How can I pray for you and IVCF right now?" He prayed a sincere prayer before we went our own ways.

Another someone is now praying for IVCF. For the weekly meetings. For the exec-team. For the future of Knox. For the plan God has in store in Galesburg.

This past weekend was very overwhelming, in an awe-strucking way. So much so that I am still in a state of reflection, reverence, and amazement.

The retreat opened my eyes to a whole new perspective. I attended numerous retreats and conferences with my home church, and this weekend was a unique and special experience I will cherish and remember in my heart throughout my lifetime.

This weekend reminded me of God's presence not only in the midst of a community of Christians, or between me and another believer, but most importantly His omnipresence everywhere I go, wherever I am.

Even in a local bakery shop in the evening of a day in February.