Jill Turley

There are a lot of things I could say about Ignite after being involved in it for a year now. I could say it's a group of healing as it's helped me get past some insecurities I had for myself. I could say it's a safe haven where I feel I can be open and honest about my faith among people that have similar views and never judge. I could say it's weird because we pie people and tackle them to show affection. I could say it's crazy because we play murder mystery type games in the dark on retreats. I could say it's generous because it's a group that will clean off your car in the middle of winter and give you hot chocolate at no charge. I could say it's spectacular because it gave me an opportunity to go on a mission trip to the Czech Republic and meet some amazing people.

I could say Ignite is a lot of things, but what it really is, is a family.

Ignite is, on a weekly basis, a place where you know you can go to have fun, hear a good message about God, participate in worship, and meet a lot of great people. Once a semester, Ignite retreats become a place to step back from the world and just focus on God together as a group. It's a time of bonding, of reflection, of healing, and moving forward. When Ignite goes to the Czech Republic, it is simply a life-changing experience.

When you give your heart to Ignite, Ignite gives its heart to you. It is a place to be loved and accepted. It may get weird, and you may get whip cream on your favorite sweater, but you'll always have people waiting to help you clean it off.