Adam Hlavka


The American team led by Jason Vana in summer 2009 changed my life immensely. He brought a couple of young people over to Czech and I honestly never felt more interest than from them. Especially Jason invested in my life a lot. Even though I spent only like two weeks with him he got to encourage and support me as no one before him. I believe that God really communicated through him to me. And it is not so obvious but in the Czech Republic there is a huge lack of encouragement and so it is necessary to have people around you who can lift you up when you are down and tell you how much you’re loved by God.

And that is exactly what Jason’ s team did over here. They encouraged us in ministry that we are in and helped us grow in God. I thank God for this great opportunity to meet people like Jason. We built some great friendships when they were over here and we are still in touch with these guys.

It’s amazing to know that there are people over the ocean who bring you up in their prayers. It always amazes me in how many ways God work. I’ve met a lot of people from Canada and the United States but the teams that came over in 2008 and 2009 just impacted so many lives here in in the Czech Republic. When we get together with my friends we very often talk about how great it was when the teams were over here and we got to hang out with them. I can’t wait to see young people from Czech doing the same at different places than Czech.

As a youth group we were challenged to take some concrete steps to how to do our youth groups differently and maybe more effectively in order to shape and impact more kids who live all around us.