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Every year, millions of students will be attending universities all around the world. For many, this will be their first time away from home, and their first time to find out who they truly are.

The truth is, college students are more likely than other age group to be searching for truth and meaning in their lives - and many will try to find it apart from Christ.

According to a number of recent studies, three out of every four Christian students who attend a public university fall away from their faith in less than one semester.

We're not okay with that.
And we hope you aren't, either.


I want to Ignite My Campus!

Ignite My Campus

Start an Ignite Group

Are you ready to make a difference on your campus for Christ? Willing to pray and work to see God ignite your classmates to passionately pursue Him? Have a passion to see others make a decision to follow Him?

Consider starting an Ignite group at your campus!

Ignite has a lot to offer:

We will train your church advisor and student leaders for free.

Your church calls the shots - meaning we don't come in and try to control you.

We provide leadership and group resources - like small group guides, devotion packets, bible reading plans, and more!

Ignite provides our name, logo, space on our website, resources, FREE training, marketing materials, and leads the Encounter Retreats and Mission Trips.

Steps to Start Ignite:

  1. Identify a nearby campus

  2. Contact Ignite for help

  3. Pastor sends in Sponsoring Church Application

  4. Ignite comes to your church to train advisors and help you get started for free