We believe it’s important to get off campus once in a while, leave behind our homework and worries, and position ourselves to encounter God. After all, sometimes God comes in the still small voice that is hard to hear in the noise of every day life.

Because of this, we hold an Encounter Student Retreat once a semester, where our students travel off campus, hang out, have fun…and encounter God. These retreats are meant to be times of refreshing and renewal as we spend time with each other and with God.

Each Encounter Student Retreat is different, based on the needs of the group, but typically are held over a Friday night, all day Saturday and returning on a Sunday afternoon. We spend time playing games, worshiping, sitting in silence, studying scripture and praying for each other.

And the result? We come back refreshed, renewed…and ready to make a difference for Him.

Check back soon for more upcoming events.

Upcoming Events

  • Keep checking back for upcoming Encounter Retreats!
“After struggling with serious guilt and constantly being attacked by the enemy through lies, I found myself so far from God, but on this retreat, God revealed to me that He has already forgiven me and loves me unconditionally. So I’m VERY thankful for the blessing of Ignite.” Eunice Vincent, Knox College
”During communion, I broke down crying when I told the story of how I had died twice as an infant. That day I really understood what God had given me. He had given me a fighting chance against the trickster. He fought for my life just for me to see the beautiful things he made.” – Zac Brand
”Ignite and this retreat especially has been my way of understanding the real meaning of ”worship in the beauty of holiness”. I was essentially free of school pressure and distractions and was able to concentrate on God like never before.” – Cyril Hansen-Quarty
“Before this retreat, I was so insecure with sharing with others what all God has done in my life. Never had I told my testimony so many times and with so much passion. Ignite has taught me that it is not all about me, it’s everyone around me. I will make a difference because I am MARKED by God.” Rosie Schumacher, Illinois Central College
“During this retreat, I can testify to the glory of the Lord in my life. For, I genuinely experienced God’s presence during worship. I was also reassured that He listens to me and He is at work within me. I can honestly testify NEVER did I walk alone!” Adedoja Aofolajuwonlo, Knox College
”This retreat did not just draw me closer to God, but it helped me in soul searching. I also found answers I had been looking for since I got to this country. Questions concerning my identity and the decisions I had made in the past.” – Obaa Yaa Atuahene
”God spoke directly to me and it was absolutely amazing. He told me I worried to much. He suggested that I give all of my worries over to him. I remember crying uncontrollably that night. God was OKAY with that! All of my life, I was taught crying wasn’t okay and I needed to grow up. When I cried at worship, I heard God tell me that it was okay to cry because it’s all over now.” – Keishra Jackson
“For college students, especially Christians attending a non-Christian college, it’s really hard to keep my faith. We often are discouraged by non-Christians, or stressful college life. But for this retreat, I could really encounter God, recheck the path I was walking, and get encouraged by fellow Christians.” Quinn Lee, Knox College
”One of the reasons I went was the sole purpose was to redirect my life to God again. I did and it has opened my eyes to the things around me in my life I turned a blind eye to. ” – Jayme Fisher