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Fuel Weekly Devotions

Fuel is a series of weekly devotions providing daily bible readings, reflections and prayers arranged around a single topic. These devotions are short, allowing you to spend a few moments with God each day, but will get you into the Word, challenge you to reflect on what you read and give you direction for prayer.

Learn how to become a solid Christian leader with this seven day devotion.
Prepared by: Dan Black, leader and blogger at

Gain a deeper understanding of God's grace with this seven day devotion.
Prepared by: Chris Lautsbaugh, Missionary/Author

Learn how to develop a humble heart like Christ's with this seven day devotion.
Prepared by: Marc Millan, leader and blogger at

Learn what it means to find your identity in Christ with this seven day devotion.
Prepared by: Chris Lautsbaugh, Missionary/Author

Learn to embrace the unique ways in which God created you with this seven day devotion.
Prepared by: Chris Goforth, leader and blogger at

Learn how to develop a stronger, more dedicated faith with this seven day devotion.
Prepared by: Ryan Kerr, Ignite Monmouth College Alumn.

Bible Study

Tools to Study Your Bible
An Ignite post outlining various tools and resources to help you better study your Bible.

Our favorite Bible reading site, complete with bible reading plans. They have apps for iPhone and Android.

Logos Bible Software
Our recommended paid Bible study tool. Very in-depth and lots of commentaries. Includes app for iOS. Definitely worthwhile if you plan to develop sermons regularly.

The Blue Letter Bible
An online resource for in-depth Bible study. There are a number of commentaries, concordances, a Greek and Hebrew dictionaries, and other study tools available all for free.

Lectio Divina
An ancient practice to experience the presence of God through reading and listening, prayer, meditation and contemplation.

Follow these guidelines to structure your time with God and have an encounter with Him.


Prayer of Examen
A daily spiritual exercise typically credited to St. Ignatius of Loyola [1491-1556], who encouraged fellow followers to engage in the practice for developing a deeper level of spiritual sensitivity and for recognizing and receiving the assistance of the Holy Spirit.
A simple-to-use web site that fosters your personal interaction with God. This modern approach to ancient devotional practices guides you to examen your life as you meditate on scripture, pray, and journal all of your reflections.


World Religions Index
Are you interacting with a student who believes a religion you know nothing about? Get educated here.
This website is designed for students to ask hard questions. Don’t ignore students’ doubt; point them here and let their curiosity drive them to Christ.

Overflow Today
Free 3 to 5-minute podcasts on how to naturally “overflow” into your not-yet-Christian friends’ lives with the gospel.


X3 Watch Software
Free software for monitoring Internet activity and setting up accountability partners.

Covenant Eyes Software
This paid Internet accountability and filtering software offers more options and customizability.

Setting Captives Free
Website providing free online classes for helping people overcome addiction.

Porn Again Christian
A frank discussion on pornography & masturbation for God’s men.