Mission Trips

Each year, Ignite members pack their bags for the trip of a lifetime.

But this isn’t some soft, cushy cruise or a vacation to Hawaii. This is a mission trip: building international relationships, showing the love of Christ in places without hope, meeting the needs in a community…and being transformed.

Each Ignite mission trip experience is different, but each will provide you the opportunity to reach out to those who don’t know Christ, speak to and encourage fellow believers, be encouraged by fellow believers, experience new cultures and food, and build lifelong, international friendships.

Upcoming Mission Trips

Mission Trip Applications

”I saw God change and mold my heart. He made it start beating for him, louder and stronger.”
– Katie Rose
”As a youth group we were challenged to take some concrete steps to how to do our youth groups differently and maybe more effectively in order to shape and impact more kids who live all around us.”
– Adam Hlavka
”I didn’t make an impact because I knew the language or had this deep spiritual wisdom that no one else I encountered in Czech had. I made an impact simply because I was myself.”
– Jill Turley
”When it came time for me to leave, Jason gathered the team together to pray for me. Not only did they bless me with their prayers, but they also reaffirmed (yet again) the things that God has been speaking to me for years.”
– Justin Holden
”This trip has left a lasting impact on my life.”
– Christina Durante