Ignite Students at Your Local College Campus

We believe the local church is the hope of the world — and do everything we can to connect students involved in Ignite to the local church.

Many of the students who get actively involved in the Ignite group at their college campus end up in some form of leadership within the local church — anything from children's ministry, youth group leadership, young adult ministry, worship team, small group leader, greeting team, even into full time ministry as a church pastor or planter.

One of the ways we see students get actively involved in the local church, is by building relationships with the churches around their college campus.

Ignite has multiple opportunities to help your church get involved in reaching the college campus for Christ — everything from starting and running your own Ignite group, to guest speaking at a current group, to leading an Ignite small group.

Ways to Get Involved

Start a Group

Are you looking to impact college students in your city for Christ? Consider starting an Ignite group at the local college campus. Ignite is unique in our approach to college ministry — we empower the local church to start and run effective college ministries, with training and resources from our experts. Think of starting an Ignite group like a franchise:

  • Your church "owns" the group — decides how it will be run, who will lead it, what it will do
  • Ignite provides our name, logo, space on our website, resources, FREE training, marketing materials, and leads the Encounter Retreats and Mission Trips

You get the recognition and resources of Ignite, and your students get to be a part of something bigger than just a ministry at their local campus.

Get Started!

Take advantage of all Ignite has to offer: bi-yearly retreats, free resources, coaching for your leaders, guest speakers, advertising templates, outreach planning guides, mission trips, and so much more!

  1. Identify a nearby campus

  2. Contact Ignite for help

  3. Pastor sends in Sponsoring Church Application

  4. Ignite comes to your church to train advisors and help you get started for free

Assist an Existing Group

Our Ignite groups are always looking for individuals and churches who will come along side and help them impact the local campus for Christ. There are a number of ways your church can get involved without having to take on the responsibility of sponsoring a group. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Promote the Ignite group and Encounter Retreat in your church
  • Lead an on-campus small group through Ignite
  • Speak at an Ignite gathering
  • Lead worship at an on-campus Worship Night
  • Start an Adopt-a-Student program
  • Commit to mentor a student
  • Assist with an outreach
  • Bake cookies / provide snacks
  • Provide food for an Encounter Retreat
  • Host a cookout / potluck for students

There are many other ways you can get involved to help reach the local college campus for Christ. Ready to get involved? If you're ready to help ignite students to passionately pursue Christ, simply contact your local Ignite Staff member, or shoot us an email by clicking the button below.

Help Ignite Students for Christ

Advertise in the Encounter Retreat Book

Every semester, Ignite hosts the Encounter Retreat - a three day retreat designed to help students have a genuine encounter with God. We believe one encounter with God can change a life, and have seen 100's of lives changed during the Encounter Retreats. You can read some of the stories of life change here.

Provide an Encounter

In order to keep the cost of the retreat affordable for students, we look for churches and businesses willing to sponsor the retreat by placing an ad in our Encounter Retreat Booklet. A retreat sponsorship helps cover:

  • Scholarships for students who need assistance
  • Resources to help students grow in their faith
  • Supplies to make the retreat sessions better
  • Food - students do like to eat!

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