Český Těšín, CZ

Ignite Český Těšín is a community of people who have discovered that authentic life with Jesus Christ is a true adventure. It is a place for all people of the younger generation who want to learn a little more about Christianity, for people who are thinking about life and its meaning. We believe that together we can spend this time very well, whether spiritually or developing community through different sports, music and good food! We meet every Friday at 19:00 in the Christian center in Svibice in Czech Cieszyn.

Weekly Gatherings

Fridays, 7pm Youth Center Krestanske Centrum

”As a youth group we were challenged to take some concrete steps to how to do our youth groups differently and maybe more effectively in order to shape and impact more kids who live all around us.”
– Adam Hlavka
”When it came time for me to leave, Jason gathered the team together to pray for me. Not only did they bless me with their prayers, but they also reaffirmed (yet again) the things that God has been speaking to me for years.”
– Justin Holden

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