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9 Ways God Can Impact You on a Retreat

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Christian retreats. If you’re involved in an Ignite group on your campus, you’ve likely been invited to attend a retreat. Between classes, school work, and holding down a job, it can seem impossible to carve out time to attend a weekend retreat — especially if you’ve never been on before. Retreats are an essential part… View Article

5 Practical Ways to be Ready for the New Year

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When put into practice, these 5 practical steps will help you prepare to make 2016 your best, most successful year yet!

5 Reasons Why You Should Attend a Retreat

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Here are five solid reasons why you should attend a retreat with your Christian ministry while in college.
steven soto marketing intern

Ignite Welcomes Marketing Intern Steven Soto

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Ignite welcomes Steven Soto to the team as our very first Marketing Intern – empowering him in his gifts to help advance the kingdom of God.
kristfest worship

Making a Nation Wide Impact at Kristfest

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During our trip to the Czech Republic, our team had the privilege of helping with Kristfest, the national youth camp.

8 Steps to Find a Local Church When in College

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These eight steps will help you to find a local church to attend and get involved in when you are away at college.
step towards god

A Step Towards God

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We all have moments when we want to step away from God. The danger comes in when you step back and don’t start stepping towards Him again.

Freezing to Make an Impact

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When it comes to building relationships with young people in the Czech Republic, there isn’t much I won’t do.
bible reading plans

5 YouVersion Bible Reading Plans to Grow Your Faith

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Getting into the Bible every day can be hard. We put together our top 5 YouVersion Bible Reading Plans to help you get into the Word and grow your faith.

God has Something Great for Me

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I finally started to believe God has something great in store for me if I’m willing to pay the price.