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Our Mission

Our Mission

Ignite exists to equip students and the local church to effectively impact college campuses around the world for Christ.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see a movement of students pursuing Christ started at colleges and in cities around the world.

Our Values

Ignite operates under four core values that direct and shape everything we do among all of our groups. If we cease operating under any of these values, we cease to be Ignite.

Christ Centered

Everything we do is centered around bringing students to a relationship with Christ and helping them go deeper in that relationship

Relationship Oriented

Students want to belong before they believe. Therefore, Ignite strives to create authentic gatherings where students are welcomed and encouraged to develop deep, accountable relationships with one another.

Mission Minded

We take the Great Commission seriously and challenge our members to live it out in three ways:

  • Reach out to individual students with the gospel of Christ
  • Change the atmosphere of the college campus in loving outreach
  • Engage in local and international missions

Equipped to Lead

Every student is called by God. Our goal is to equip students to understand their individual calling and pursue it both in and after college.

Our Name

Our ministry didn't start out under the name Ignite. Our name didn't come about until after eight years of ministering to college students, youth, and young adults.

We chose the name Ignite because it was a the perfect descriptor for what God was doing in and through our ministry. Students, youth, and young adults were being igniting with a passion to pursue Christ - both in and after their college years.

Students began laying aside the very things that held them back from Christ, and began running after Him and the call He placed on their lives. Many started in our ministry as unbelievers, recent converts, or followers of Christ who hadn't yet discovered their calling.

Years later, many are still actively involved in ministry — as senior pastors, youth pastors, worship leaders, young adult ministry leaders, missionaries, and godly business people and teachers. They are impacting the next generation, leading others to Christ, and making their mark on the world.

They are Ignite.

“After struggling with serious guilt and constantly being attacked by the enemy through lies, I found myself so far from God, but on this retreat, God revealed to me that He has already forgiven me and loves me unconditionally. So I’m VERY thankful for the blessing of Ignite.” — Eunice Vincent, Knox College Alum
”Before Ignite, I was hosting guys in my room to drink and go on “car rides” to do drugs. Now, I host high schoolers in a Church Youth group and a praise band.” – Kim Freeman, Monmouth College Alum
”When it came time for me to leave, Jason gathered the team together to pray for me. Not only did they bless me with their prayers, but they also reaffirmed (yet again) the things that God has been speaking to me for years.” – Justin Holden, Czech Republic